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Our workshops strengthen skills, collaboration, and teamwork.

We customize to achieve the goals of your organization.

We facilitate onsite or virtual — it's your choice! 

Your Communication Comfort Zone

Interaction Styles® Assessment


Skill development:  Communication, Conflict Resolution, Adaptability, Composure, Self-Awareness

1/2 Day Interactive Workshop


Building rapport is one of the most important aspects of creating positive and influential relationships. Having insight into your own communication style as well as others can assist you with delivering messages clearly and in a way which resonates with the receiver.  Each individual will complete an assessment as part of the class. Through interactive exercises, we will explore the connection between communication styles and successful interactions. In addition, recognize your preferred style and the preferred styles of those around you. 


Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Step into Unshakable Confidence

Skill development:  Evaluating risk, confidence, presence

1/2 Day Interactive Workshop

Are you undervaluing your achievements with statements like, “It was no big deal,” or “Got Lucky this time”?


Whether you lead a team or simply want to be seen as a leader in your career, you must STOP downplaying your successes and start being willing to be visible and confident!


We’ll challenge your feelings of “not good enough” and empower you to show up as your most powerful self and boldly step into new challenges so you can achieve your goals faster.

Participants will:

Gain tools that allow you to take risks and celebrate failures (really!)

Come to understand presence and why it’s essential for your success

Learn how to boost your confidence so you can get what you want, in any situation


Assertive Communication for Leaders

Skill development: Communication, Impact, Influence

1/2 Day Interactive Workshop

When interacting with senior leaders, we want to capitalize on the opportunity and put our best foot forward. Be prepared to share the team’s goals, accomplishments and projects in a clear and concise way. Using a communication guide, we learn how to streamline our words to increase impact. We explore:


  • A communication guide for successful interactions

  • Effective communication strategies for the C-suite

  • How to influence through conversation

  • Manage expectations

  • Putting ideas into action

From Conflict to Collaboration

Skill development: Conflict Resolution, Communication, Problem Solving

1/2 Day Interactive Workshop

Everyone within organizations experience conflict. We explore how to resolve by using a

Communication Cycle that gets at the root issues and causes of conflict. In this way, conflict does not become a debilitating reason employee and customer needs are not met. Through interactive exercises we learn:


  • A communication cycle for effective conversations

  • Problem solving strategies

  • How to approach difficult conversations

  • Establishing follow-through with agreements




Performance Management Essentials

Building High Performing Teams

Skill development: Goal Setting, Situational Coaching, Feedback, Communication, Impact

1/2 Day Interactive Workshop


Want to support your team members to reach their full potential?

Interested in learning new strategies to motivate and inspire your teams?


Go from manager to leader by increasing impact and morale through strong communication and expectations where everyone knows what success means. We look at the full life-cycle of performance management which begins and ends with strong goals! Learn how to coach and provide feedback which increases positive results. We also look at how to give direct and clear constructive feedback to support professional growth.


Managing Up!  

The Art of Negotiation


Skill development:  Empowerment, Building Trust, Relationship Development, Organization

1/2 Day Workshop

Overwhelmed with too many demands?  

Not sure how to approach your manager about negotiating a bonus or more time?  

Negotiation is not only the "big ticket items" we usually think of. It's about negotiating one's time, a promotion, and being compensated for extra work. We discuss how to ask for what we need and want. Learn new strategies to effectively work with your leader including conversations about your career trajectory. 


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