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Crossing the Finish Line

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Discover your leadership style and what makes you unique

Lead from your values


Masterful communication

Executive Presence

Remove obstacles that are getting in your way


Sarah S.

Business Owner

The enormous value Sue has brought to my growth as a leader is her ability to get me to focus.

She is an attentive listener and a person who asks questions that have impact. I highly recommend Sue as your executive coach who will make a difference quickly regardless of where you are in your career


Regina R.

Business Owner

 Sue's helping me with content strategy based on my expertise, my passions, and the marketplace. In the three short weeks following our initial session, I'm creating more content— the right content— than I have in the last 12 months put together. 

I highly recommend Sue for solopreneurs and leaders who need to work more strategically and sustainably. It's the only way to make a lasting impact.

Andy K.

Sales Executive

Sue's been working with me for the past several months and I am continually impressed with the insight's she finds when we talk.  


I highly recommend her if you find yourself tackling the same problems but this time around you are looking for different results


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