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Steinfeld Coaching
Professional Coaching

The Success On Your Terms method was to designed to help professionals like you reach your desired goals.


Success On Your Terms came about from noticing clients were at their best and happiest when they created a personal definition of success to navigate high-pressure corporate culture.  


Learn  to CONTRIBUTE on YOUR terms and manage stress less!

Coach on the Go

You will take the first steps to success both literally and figuratively. We'll walk and talk getting to understand the issues at hand, identifying the obstacles to change, and developing a plan. Studies have shown moving your body can open your mind.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.        - Lao Tzu

Team Building

Increase morale, work performance

and teamwork with an effective and impactful teambuild.  We facilitate open conversation, tackle issues together and learn to communicate for the benefit of the team versus individuals all while having fun!

Team builds are customized to your desired outcomes of our time together.

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